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The Power of Thank You

Saying thank you is powerful.

As recent as last week I went on a LinkedIn thank you spree. I messaged a few past managers and others who had a major impact on my professional career to let them know just how much each conversation and challenge presented meant to me. I went in ya'll. I contacted one person who I hadn't worked for in 6+ years. There were times when I felt so stuck but one word of advice, one instance of someone believing in my ability totally changed my world. I never forget those moments.

Take pride in your work ethic and talent. Occupy space unapologetically. But, never be foolish enough to think that the strides you make are in a vacuum.

There was another director I had once upon a time whose style I didn't particularly like. I thought he was a harsh in his approach and the job was extremely high stress, which made it harder. But I felt moved to write him because, upon reflection, I realized he never accepted mediocrity from me. He knew what levers to pull to get results and I'm partially able to manage myself effectively now without much oversight because of the tough coaching I received. He sent this video to our team one morning along with an encouraging message and I will never forget crying in the car on the way back from a client meeting after watching it. I begun to actually believe I could be the best at whatever I chose to do regardless of the obstacles faced or how I had fumbled in the past. That was priceless as I moved on.

Think hard. Who has helped you in your career? I challenge you to drop them a brief note to say thank you. They will be surprised and you will feel energized.

Let me know once you do it!


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1 Comment

Rafael De La Cruz
Rafael De La Cruz
May 16, 2020

This article is great, the power of gratitude can open many doors for us. I love this!!!!

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