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Searching For Motivation While Chasing Debt Freedom...

Hey ya'll...I missed this platform!

But can I be honest?

I have not felt motivated to write about money for the last few months. Between the craziness of remote work, trying to manage my personal life through a global pandemic and generally feeling burnt out...I didn't have the words to express myself. So, I recently took an amazing trip to Cape Cod to mentally reset and refresh. I'm super thankful for sinking funds and a partner that pulled the trigger and booked so that I would actually go.

I haven't fallen off track though! I'm still budgeting, started investing again (401k + Roth IRA) and am still analyzing where I can cut back in small ways to throw as much as I can towards my student loans. I even recently discovered that I'm living off of ~50% of my net income and the rest is going to the loans. Shocking I know but I have major goals to hit so I'm moving as fast as I can. All of this means that I've shaved about three months off of my original debt free projection (December 2021 ----> September 2021). Yay!

The pandemic and being in quarantine has taught me a lot so far and reconfirmed some of what I already knew- mainly that I do not want to deal with debt. I want the flexibility to manage my life on my own terms and do more activities that make me happy. All of that is kind of impossible if I'm saddled with tons of bills and loans. I've been really taking time to think about what I like, the work I want to do and what makes me feel alive. That's what's been getting me through.

On that note, I have stories about two dynamic women to share in the coming weeks that have taken the leap of faith to live life on their own terms- one packed her things and moved abroad and the other chose to forego working at a traditional job and started a non profit.

Stay tuned and cheers to you on your debt free journey!


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