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Financial Freedom or Bust !

Meet Rachael Hanible- Accountant. CEO. Financial Coach. Author. Speaker.

Rachael's inspirational story is one that anyone on the path to financial freedom can learn from. We chatted on a Sunday afternoon about her journey as a preacher's kid from North Philly to the top of the Amazon best sellers list and everywhere in between.

Like many of us Rachael didn't come from a home where money was freely talked about. It was just known that there wasn't much of it around and economic struggle seemed like the norm in her neighborhood. Everything changed when she attended a class in college that required her to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal. It was there that she got schooled to some of the inner-workings of the financial system and began to educate herself on the various terms and really consider how the principles could apply to her own life. Reading up on the background of millionaires caused her to dream bigger and lit a fire inside that would be the launching pad for her journey to debt freedom and entrepreneurship.

On the start of her journey Rachael had $60,000 in student loans to tackle. She was ready to pay that off by any means ya'll ! Side hustling was the name of the game. Retail, teaching excel classes from her apartment, bookkeeping, selling Avon....she did it all! When paying off debt, it's largely a numbers game-reducing expenses and increasing your income. She paid off the loans in about 6 years and the positive effects were felt almost immediately.

  • Being debt free relieved unnecessary financial stress. There is never a question about if she will be able to cover her monthly expenses. There are no strange envelopes coming to the house...You know, the ones that change colors the longer the bills inside go unpaid

  • Saved up one year's salary in cash

  • Was able to buy the home she wanted and did not have to settle! Has paid off ~$31,000 on her mortgage since purchase

  • Is able to live a life that is marked by having options and serves as an example that this type of life is POSSIBLE for anybody willing to put in the work.

Rachael's debt free journey led her to founding Missing Peace Financial Group, LLC. She uses her company as a vehicle for her financial coaching practice and to teach kids about the power of saving, taxes and entrepreneurship with her "Millionaires in Training" classes. To date she has taught seminars in over 30 schools throughout the tristate area. Her goal is to give children hope and the tangible financial literacy skills they will need to transform their future. According to studies , children's money habits are largely set by age 7. So, it's important to introduce good ones early!

Rachael also self-published a children's book called "Amber's Magical Savings Box". Inspired by her niece Amber, this ground breaking project came about after she visited a few bookstores and realized that none carried financial literacy books for kids. She took a chance and called up to a popular radio show called the Breakfast Club where she was able to talk about the book and the rest is history.

What does the future hold? Eventually Rachael would love to land on tv where she can continue spreading her message of financial peace and teaching children sound financial practices. She also hopes to dive further into the animation space and create Amber savings videos.

Rachael's Message: You are worth financial freedom. Don't listen to naysayers. Take it one step at a time and you will get there. One packed lunch, one coupon, one dollar saved. It all matters. You can try to achieve debt freedom and potentially fail, leading to disappointment. Or you can just not try and be disappointed anyway. There is nothing to lose!

Curiosity. Innovation. Determination. Drive. Her journey has been marked by all of these qualities. I left the conversation feeling energized and ready to push even harder on my own journey. We need Black role models in the personal finance space now more than ever and I am so glad we connected. She is truly redesigning possible!

Book Recommendations: Think and Grow Rich and Amber's Magical Saving Box (of course!)

Follow her on Instagram and check out her website where you can learn more about Missing Peace Financial and book individual or group finance coaching sessions!


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