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But What About Everything That Can Go Right?

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I was casually scrolling through Facebook one evening recently and saw this short message that my cousin posted. “But what about everything that can go right?”. I paused for a moment and really let that simple one liner sink in. Often times we (myself included) conjure up the worst possible scenarios in our mind on everything from our personal lives to work and allow our thoughts to spin out of control.

But, what if we learned to have confidence in our abilities and trust that just maybe things would work out in our favor? How powerful would that be?

In one of Tony Robbins’ personal development programs called The Edge he says “ Most people know more about their limitations than their assets….If you’re certain that you can’t succeed you’re going to look for all the reasons why you shouldn’t even start because who wants to fail?”. This rang true to me on so many levels. We don't need to be blindly optimistic. But, what we should do is plan, be consistent, work strategically and let the universe do the rest. Rehearsing every possible pitfall isn't helpful or productive. It actually paralyzes you and often times prevents us from taking action.

In light of all this, let’s take the time to be kind to ourselves and concentrate on all of our assets while also working on our areas of opportunity. Thoughts turn into things. Change your thoughts and you can change your life.

(Thanks for the inspiration, Kayla!)



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